The establishment of WEIPAI Machinery dates back to 2003. During the last 12 years we have acquired expertise and facilities to cater the requirements of our Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics,

Health Care Industries regarding packaging machinery. We have exported our machines to Korea,lndia,

Bangladesh,Russia,Kazakhstan,USA Brazil, U.A.E,Middle East and South Africa and so on. We not only provide services for custom designed packaging machinery but we will also provide assistance and consultancy in these fields of whole production lines as well.

Our service technicians are always ready to help our customers and their operators, in case they need any assistance any time.
Adhering to the "integrity, efficiency, innovation, beyond the" concept of development, Wei licensing machinery will be excellent equipment quality services, sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate business, a total of zhang!
Enterprise vision: to be the most satisfactory manufacturer!
Business purpose: to create the best quality products, do the best service.
Development goal: "create first-class industry, establish brand image."
Enterprise spirit: unity, diligence, dedication, pioneering and innovative, dare to face the worl

Good is the basic guiding ideology of the development of an enterprise, through communication, coordination, cooperation, and create a fair and good business environment, the formation of up and down together, keep step with the situation.

"Hard work"
The work must be accurate and efficient, on the task to be "less than the Great Wall of non hero" heroic feelings, there must be no bow, do not throw in the towel, wipe the tears, hold "heroic, in making the practical stage goal, encourage appropriate, against waste.

People have "human nature", the enterprise is composed of human nature also has the human nature. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture? In fact, the nature of corporate culture is people-oriented. But what is the "people-oriented" and "humanistic management", through the improvement of the care system so that employees feel enterprises of their respect, help and care, so that employees love for business, love of work, love of home enterprises. Retaining good employees is the greatest wealth.

People oriented is to maximize the protection of the interests of every employee under certain conditions. The premise is that there is such a "certain conditions", this condition is not innate. Is created by every employee of the enterprise. Everyone must work hard to give their talents and strength to create the conditions to ensure that everyone can enjoy the greatest benefits.

"Development and innovation"
Innovation is the soul of enterprise development, through extensive research activities and staff rationalization proposals, implement innovation; through modernization, informationization and management concept and means of realization of technology innovation and management innovation; through extensive foreign exchange and cooperation and new technology to realize win-win cooperation.

"Dare to be the world"
Dare to be the cause of the success of the world, to dare to learn, dare to practice innovation. To learn and adapt to change, to adapt to the formation and development of the initiative to learn, innovation as a working ability. The relationship of the market in the same industry amidst the winds of change, the company has no employee should have the spirit and courage to the world.
Service tenet
The principle of good faith, prompt response, better work, thoughtful service.

Service commitment

Customer satisfaction is our responsibility, improve the technical services and technical support from the "Wei card" company - customer service center to implement, to ensure that customers enjoy a stable operating results. We will continue to provide quality services, to minimize the risk of unknown products, to provide customers with the confidence of the wisdom of the product.

Pre sales service

We provide one to one service, customer service staff 24 hours online. To provide customers with purchase advice, selection design and technical support. Allow customers to minimize the input to buy the most practical products.

Sale service

We provide free delivery, installation, commissioning, operator training and other services..

After-sale service

1 installation: product into the customer designated locations, customer ready packaging materials required and other auxiliary facilities, and notify the factory debugging after passing by the customer in the "commissioning report" on the comments and signature.
2 operation training: our factory will be preferred experience, with a good quality of technical commissioning of the customer's operating personnel training, until the operator can operate independently. And guide the correct operation and maintenance methods; equipment failure pretreatment; replacement of parts.
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